Due Dates and Holidays

It’s not surprising that the rates of induction go up during the holiday season.  Everyone wants to be home for the holidays (including new parents and their care providers).  If you could look into a crystal birth ball though and see what induction could mean for you and your baby,  I wonder if you’d be so eager to hurry your little one along.

Induction takes a normal, physiological process and turns it into a medical event, with the need for extra monitoring and procedures.  It is not recommended for any pregnancy where there is not a true medical need for a baby to be born sooner rather than later.  The reason for this is that it comes with it’s own risks for both mother and baby.

It can be life-saving when medically necessary, but it can also cause a host of problems when it’s not.

Let those babies bake this holiday season and they will arrive right on time.


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