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What Lies Ahead (Contemplating 2016)

So, it’s 2016 and as is common at the dawn of a new year, I’m sitting here thinking about all the possibility that the coming year holds. DynPicWaterMark_ImageViewer

2015 was a year of growth for Birth by Heart, much more so than the previous years.  We launched Birth by Heart Online, which was a massive undertaking and also started Birth + Baby Fredericksburg, the private facebook group for local moms.  There were moments when I felt overwhelmed by the juggling that comes with trying to pour yourself into your passion and simultaneously give your family 100%.  When things were taking time to build momentum, I had moments of feeling defeated, but the Lord reminded me and encouraged me with Zech 4:10:

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin…”

And as with all areas of life, He reminded me that this work is not even about the work.  It’s about molding and shaping my own heart and it’s about Him touching lives with my weak hands.  It’s not my work, it’s His work.

As I contemplate the blank slate of a new year, I think of where He’s brought me.  It doesn’t look anything like I had imagined it would look at the dawn of 2015, or even just a couple of months ago.

I feel myself being thrust in a new direction.  I have come to understand that compassion is my strength. I don’t say this with any smugness, because for most of my life it has felt like more of a weakness, sapping my energy and making it hard to set boundaries in my personal life.  I’ve suddenly felt myself propelled into work not just with birthing families, but with those experiencing trauma and the greatest loss imaginable.

I will be training with Still Birthday this month and I am not sure exactly what this means for my future work, but I know it has eternal significance and that is enough.  I don’t say that lightly though, the thought of what this path entails reminds me of this quote:



Thank you to everyone who has been on this ride with me over the last year.  I am hopeful that I will play a part in supporting more families in 2016 and touch more lives with hope and joy and love <3