...in this emotional and loving world of ours!

Birth Without Fear is part of Birth By Heart Global, which works internationally to promote  health in pregnancy and childbirth for expectant parents and for the healthcare professionals supporting them.

Here you can read more about our history and  concept, our method and what we offer. If you or your partner are expecting a baby, you can go straight to the Pregnant section, and there is a separate page if you work within Healthcare.

Susanna Heli

How it started

“I’m one of the many women who felt strong and looked forward to giving birth, but was still totally overwhelmed by the pain. I panicked and phoned my midwife.

She guided me firmly, calmly, repetitively. I was sceptical at first, but quite soon I had the experience of being sucked out of the chaos and into the work – the work of labour. Eventually, I received the gift of meeting our first baby – with a deep sense of confidence and unrivalled happiness.

At that moment, I knew I wanted to work with birth.

As a qualified maternity support nurse and a doula, I guided women and sought out the physiological answers I couldn’t find the explanation for within the healthcare service, by eventually training as a physiotherapist. At the same time, I wrote my book, developed the method and laid the groundwork for the healthcare-specific model. Today the Birth Without Fear Method is used by thousands of healthcare professionals and birthing people  around the world.

Join us in our goal of sharing and spreading the knowledge of how to achieve an emotionally safe  childbirth! Together we will help even more families to give birth without fear and enjoy a more loving life together.”

/Susanna Heli